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T-P22 Master - remote control, communication and analysis software

Kehui T-P22 is designed for use in the location of low voltage cable faults but especially the difficult and troublesome intermittent fault. It can be controlled locally from a portable PC or remotely over a telephone channel (either landline or GSM).

Unlike any previously available "Pulse Echo" type fault locator, Kehui T-P22 is connected simultaneously to all 3 phases of an LV cable and provides "Automatic Test Lamp Diagnosis" for the local operator and or the remote operator. The connection to all 3 phases also allows the local or remote operator to perform "Pulse Echo Testing" on any combination of phases.

In addition to the measurement of the phase voltages for fault diagnosis, Kehui T-P22 includes a 4 channel transient recorder (3 voltages and 1 current) which is used to acquire information from which the operator can confirm the exact nature and behaviour of intermittent faults. The signals acquired by the transient recorder are also used to provide a variety of selectable "trigger" commands for the Pulse Echo system, e.g. voltage dip trigger, over-current trigger.

By providing total remote control of the kehui T-P22 from a remote location it can be connected to a faulty cable by field staff who are not familiar with the analysis of Pulse Echo waveforms - the expertise in adjustment and interpretation being provided by a centrally located specialist. This becomes particularly beneficial when the equipment has to be left connected in a substation awaiting the (re)-occurrence of an intermittent fault.

T-P2X MASTER Remote control and fault location software

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